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BRC Translational skills and capabilities

About us

Our overarching goal is to accelerate the development of novel medicines for patients. We are a multidisciplinary team, funded by the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre (BRC), catalyzing the translation of small molecule inhibitors into clinical candidates for early stage clinical trials. We establish partnerships to maximise innovation, learning and new avenues for translation through close collaboration with clinicians, academics, and a range of external partners.

Collaborate with us

We have an established track record of securing internal and external funding from a variety of funding sources to enable the advancement of translational projects. We are disease agnostic, and are particularly interested in neglected areas of disease research. We are an experienced team, and can assist in identifying project opportunities, planning downstream work packages driving towards pre-clinical development and applying for translational funding.

We are always looking for new collaborations with academics and clinicians to develop small molecule inhibitors from early stage screening to pre-clinical candidates. If you have a project in mind please get in touch or

Our resources

  1. Access to epigenetic and kinase libraries of small molecule inhibitors developed by the SGC
  2. Access to Pharma Donated probes, more advanced clinical molecules, some of which have reached Phase I and II clinical trials
  3. Access to the establish world-wide collaboration network with expertise in protein purification, crystallography, fragment screening, medicinal chemistry and translation
    1. At the CMD
    2. At the University of Oxford
    3. Academics and clinicians locally and world-wide
    4. Small biotechs and Oxford University spin-outs
    5. SMEs and pharmaceutical companies


Our team