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Small-molecule Polθ inhibitors provide safe and effective tumor radiosensitization in preclinical models

Journal article

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Glioblastoma and the search for non-hypothesis driven combination therapeutics in academia

Journal article

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Simultaneous identification of viruses and viral variants with programmable DNA nanobait.

Journal article

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Discovery of High-Affinity Small-Molecule Binders of the Epigenetic Reader YEATS4.

Journal article

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Nilabh Shastri – Towards understanding classical and non-classical MHC-I antigen processing and presentation

Journal article

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Pathogenic Interleukin-10 Receptor Alpha Variants in Humans — Balancing Natural Selection and Clinical Implications

Journal article

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COMBATdb: a database for the COVID-19 Multi-Omics Blood ATlas.

Journal article

Wang D. et al, (2022), Nucleic Acids Res

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