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Lipid membranes are a chemical and physical barrier which separate the inside and outside of a cell and its organelles. Membrane proteins are therefore required for fundamental import nutrients, export waste, and transmit information within and between cells. Accordingly, these proteins are often mutated in disease and targeted by therapeutic drugs.

Our aim is to examine the biochemistry and determine atomic structures to describe the link between these proteins’ structure and function. To do so we work with scientific colleagues around the globe, developing tools to probe membrane proteins’ roles in human physiology. Through these results we will explain pathophysiology of toxins and mutations, validate these proteins as therapeutic targets, and develop new drugs to treat a variety of diseases.



Our research is funded by:

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This research would also not be possible without the assistance of several research facilities, including:

Finally, our work would indebted to the unwavering support of our parent institutions:

Our team

  • David Sauer
    David Sauer

    Principal Investigator, Membrane Protein Structural and Chemical Biology

  • Ashley Pike
    Ashley Pike

    Senior Scientist

  • Roslin Adamson

    Postdoctoral Scientist - Membrane Protein Structure and function group

  • Huanyu Li

    Postdoctoral Scientist - Membrane Protein Structure and function group