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Our Team


University of Oxford

Cassandra Adams Translational Scientist, CMD
Paul Brennan PI, Medicinal Chemistry, CMD
Charlotte Deane PI, Department of Statistics
Brian Marsden PI, Research Informatics, CMD
Alejo Nevado-Holgado PI, Department of Psychiatry
Cornelia van Duijn PI, Nuffield Dept of Population Health
Wyatt Yue PI, Metabolic and Rare Diseases, CMD


King Abdulaziz University

Dr Hani Choudhry
Dr Ashwag Albukhari
Dr Wesam Hussein Abdulaal
Dr Majid Almansouri
Dr Hisham Altayeb
Dr Diena Mohammedallam Almasri
Dr Abdelsattar Mansour Ebeid Omar
Dr Mohammad Imran Khan
Dr Majed Felemban
Dr Mazin Abdulaziz Zamzami
Dr Mahmoud Alhosin
Dr Mahmoud Ragab
Dr Salman Bakr Hosawi
Dr Haneen Reda Banjar
Dr Amer Assiri
Dr Mahmoud Abdelkhalek Elfaky
Dr Fatemah Omar Kamel
Dr Faisal A Alzahrani
Dr Moustafa E. El-Araby
Dr Nofe Ateq Alganmi
Dr Aliaa Amr Alamoudi
Dr Mustafa Adnan Zeyadi
Dr Ehab Atif Abozinadah
Dr Othman A. Baothman
Dr Khalidah Khalid Nasser
Mr. Samer Mohammed Alamoudi

Our Workflow

WP1: Clinical landscape in KSA

Lead: Dr Hani Choudhry

Key Activities: Identifying, collating and assessing PROMS and EHR from patients in KSA, as well as other datasets

Milestone: Clinical survey report of the disease landscape in KSA

WP2: Artificial Intelligence in novel target discovery

Leads: Prof Alejo Nevado-Holgado and Prof Cornelia van Duijn

Key Activities: Apply AI to genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic profiles of KSA patients to nominate targets. Validate targets with EHRs epidemiology

Milestone: Identification and validation of novel drug targets

WP3: Target biological characterisation

Lead: Prof Wyatt Yue

Key Activities: Investigation of pathways and mechanisms of identified genetic driver of disease using biochemical, structural and cellular approaches.

Milestone: Characterisation of biology of novel targets and creation of assays

WP4: Drug design and discovery

Lead: Prof Paul Brennan

Key Activities: Chemical tool compound design to be guided by pharmacophoric information, computational chemistry and knowledge of metabolic liabilities.

Milestone: Identification of potential binding locations

WP5: AI methodology for drug design

Lead: Prof. Brian Marsden and Prof. Charlotte Deane

Key Activities: Utilizing machine learning, structural bioinformatics and artificial intelligence, plus natural language processing (NLP) holds the promise of highly optimised and efficient novel drug design

Target Milestone: AI-led optimisation of novel drug design