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Annette von Delft

M.D, Ph.D.

Head of Anti-Infectives, Centre for Medicines Discovery

Annette von Delft works on the discovery and development of novel small molecule inhibitors against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Her work covers projects from early target validation, target enablement, molecule discovery and preclinical development.

Annette's current focus is the preclinical development of a novel antivirals for pandemic preparedness, targeting coronaviruses, flaviviruses and enteroviruses, as part of the global consortia COVID Moonshot and ASAP ( ). On these projects, she works in close collaboration with Drugs for Neglected Disease initiative (DNDi).

Annette joined the BRC team in 2018 as a translational scientist with a focus on inflammation and immunity, and has initiated a range of early target validation projects in immunology, infectious disease and neuroscience.

Annette trained as a medical doctor at University of Leipzig (Germany) and received her D.Phil in Clinical Medicine at the University of Oxford in 2010, working on HCV T cell immunology and vaccine development under the supervision of Prof Eleanor Barnes. She then completed her medical foundation programme at Oxford University Hospitals.