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Cancer is a leading cause of mortality worldwide. Over 50% of cancers are diagnosed late, rendering many treatments ineffective. Existing liquid biopsy studies demonstrate a minimally invasive and inexpensive approach for disease detection but lack parsimonious biomarker selection, exhibit poor cancer detection performance and lack appropriate validation and testing. We established a tailored machine learning pipeline, DEcancer, for liquid biopsy analysis that addresses these limitations and improved performance. In a test set from a published cohort of 1,005 patients including 8 cancer types and 812 cancer-free individuals, DEcancer increased stage 1 cancer detection sensitivity across cancer types from 48 to 90%. In addition, with a test set cohort of patients from a high dimensional proteomics dataset of 61 lung cancer patients and 80 cancer-free individuals, DEcancer's performance using a 14-43 protein panel was comparable to 1,000 original proteins. DEcancer is a promising tool which may facilitate improved cancer detection and management.

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