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Tamas Szommer


Medicinal Chemistry Research Associate

Tamas Szommer earned his MSc in Medicinal Chemistry at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (under the supervision of Prof. Gyorgy Kalaus) in 2003. He started his industrial career at ComGenex Inc. in Hungary as medicinal chemist and he led numerous custom library and combinatorial library synthesis projects. He also actively participated in the development and introduction of ComGenex’s proprietary central ELN database system. In the meantime he was actively involved into the development of a database for structural evolution (EMIL - `Example-Mediated Innovation for Lead-Evolution` leading by  Prof. Toshio Fujita, CompuDrug Inc.). In 2006 ComGenex was acquired by Albany Molecular Research Inc. and Tamas was promoted to Head of Microwave and Parallel Chemistry and he was responsible for the operation and continuous development of the Parallel Chemistry Group in Hungary. He participated in the design and synthesis of small molecular libraries, custom library projects, fragment-based drug discovery projects and numerous natural product-like libraries. In 2012 Tamas successfully managed a technology transfer project at AMRI Hyderabad in India then he joined to ComInnex Inc. (Hungary) for a couple of months to `set up` a medicinal chemistry laboratory.

Tamas joined Prof. Paul Brennan’s Group at the Target Discovery Institute in 2013 to participate in the development of epigenetic chemical probes.