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CMD researchers are experts in structural biology, chemical biology, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, drug target discovery, translational medicine and clinical development.

Chas Bountra

Pro-Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Professor of Translational Medicine

Paul Brennan

Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Alex Bullock

Associate Professor, Growth Factor Signalling and Ubiquitination

John Davis

Group Head / PI and Unit Director

Frank von Delft

Professor of Structural Chemical Biology

Jon Elkins

Principal Investigator, Cellular Signalling

Oleg Fedorov

PI, Group Head

Kilian Huber

Principal Investigator

Benedikt Kessler

Professor of Biochemistry and Mass Spectrometry

Brian Marsden

Associate Professor, Research Informatics

David Sauer

Principal Investigator, Membrane Protein Structural and Chemical Biology

Wyatt Yue

Associate Professor, Principal Investigator