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Charlotte Manning

Research Technician

Charlotte graduated from the University of Birmingham with an MRes in Molecular and Cellular Biology. She completed two research projects, one investigating protein structure and function in the fascinating Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus, and the other investigating substrate cleavage by tetraspanin-ADAM10 molecular sheddases.

Since graduating, she has worked as a Research Technician in Professor Alex Bullock’s Growth Factor Signalling and Ubiquitination group. She supports various projects experimentally and conducts other core group responsibilities such as ordering, shipping and lab organisational matters. The research projects she supports mainly investigate BTB-Kelch E3 ligases with applications for small molecule and antibody binder development. She is employed on the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) grant “EUbOPEN”, funded through the Horizon 2020 scheme.

Charlotte has experience in recombinant protein expression, purification and crystallisation, and also has some experience in cloning and structural refinement. She is a team player and an enthusiastic researcher.