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The UKSPINE sets out to build a multi-lateral knowledge exchange network, concomitantly bringing together multi-disciplinary expertise from a range of HEIs, industry and the charitable sector, together with strong NHS partnerships focused on a common goal.

The UK SPINE is the first UK-wide drug discovery network focussed on geroscience – the intersection of basic ageing biology, chronic disease and health. We operate across HEIs, Catapults and other biomedical research infrastructure, with our five original hubs forming a ‘spine’ connecting the length of the UK’s geography. This incorporates the Dundee Drug Discovery Unit (DDU)(Scotland), Medicines Discovery Catapult (North West), University of Birmingham (West Midlands), University of Oxford (South East), and the Francis Crick Institute (London).

UK SPINE is now working with over 50 HEIs, businesses, charities and patient groups to create a strong geroscience KE environment. We provide infrastructure that accelerates cross-institution and cross-sector collaborations, resulting in the creation of knowledge, tools and new therapeutic development pathways in geroscience. Our interaction with investors, businesses and the NHS enables us to exploit these outputs, and UK SPINE is beginning to create the conditions that will translate these into new products, jobs and accelerated clinical adoption. Most importantly, our efforts with a widening range of stakeholders will ensure these new medicines will be safe, effective and affordable.

Our team our based within Oxford (Centre for Medicines Discovery, Business Partnering Office, Medical Sciences Division, Knowledge Exchange and Impact and Research Services) and within Birmingham (Translational Research Office, University of Birmingham), Dundee (Drug Discovery Institute, University of Dundee)

We now have a portfolio over 30 active projects, more information is available on our website

Our team

The UK SPINE project is funded by